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Golden lit desert, the wafting smell of tajine, brilliant colored building and tile, pumping point's official. Morocco is heaven. I'd been wanting to visit this divine desert destination for as long as I can remember, and after being invited to stay at Surf Maroc's Amouage Surf + Yoga Hotel it was an absolute no brainer. Upon arriving to Taghazout I felt an eerie nostalgia I couldn't quite explain. Texture, color, architecture and history -- all of my passions oozing from the pores of this quaint little surfside village. It was a cultural barrage of smells and sounds, and I learned quickly the best way to keep from feeling overwhelmed was to jump right in. Buzzing markets filled with jewelers, leather crafts and homegoods stole my attention straight away. Choosing looks each day became an adventure of its own, pairing desert-toned neutrals with shiny accessories and vintage leather bags, or shimmery gold accents with classic black and white. The pops of colors in the buildings inspired clean, classic dressing and the sophistication of the locals prompted tailored silhouettes. What a fun adventure of sight, sound, and taste -- a Moroccan dream from which I wish to never awake.

xx Lex

Lex in our Crawford Woven Top + Medina Beach Pant

Rise & Shine Knit + Iconic Muse Short

Photography by Lex Weinstein + Arthur Peyronnet

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