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Guest post by Society babe and Live FAST Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Vivianne Lapointe.

Her childhood home is there, just pass the North Fork Store, sitting exactly as it has for decades on the Big Wood River. Langley Fox ventures back to Idaho whenever she can to pass these days exactly as she did in her childhood: fresh eyed and flush cheeked, jumping in rivers in the afternoons, hiking Chocolate Gulch in the mornings, gathering around a family table for the evening. If home makes up the kind of person we become as an adult, then it's no wonder the world finds this woman so captivating.

We sent Langley & her friends on a Live FAST Travelogue with some of our favorite new arrivals. Check out the full story on!

Tallyn Skirt in Cayenne

Madyson Woven Top in Casablanca + Easton Short in Washed Black

Zaria Dress in Henna

Axel Jacket

Syd Vest + Fulton Pant

Weston Dress in Black Sands

Naia Dress in Black Sands

Joshua Tee

Evelyn Jacket in Heather Grey

Photography by Dominic Haydn Rawle

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