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Collaborating has been the theme of the year for Amuse. It’s been so much fun getting to know and work with several other brand creatives.

I had been wanting to do a swim collab. with another like-minded California brand, and who better to, than Flynn Skye. Flynn Skye is a Venice-based, LA-made women’s brand who creates the dreamiest dresses, skirts and tops, however have never dipped their toe into the swim category.

Although I had been introduced to Amber, owner and designer of Flynn Skye, years ago when she had her store Blonde in Venice Beach, we were reacquainted again last year when Kelly, our digital manager, brought up the idea of collaborating with them.

When we reached out to Amber and her team, her casual response of “Sure, lets do it” set the tone for the entire collaboration process. I was drawn to Flynn Skye’s fresh approach to design, as well as her natural ability to promote and celebrate other women. Collaborating with Flynn Skye has been absolutely effortless, not to mention a lot of fun. Amber has such a casual approach to design – she knows exactly what she likes, and is the perfect reminder of to not overthink the process! Every meeting, email, text, and phone call has left a smile on my face. Truly. Together, Amber and I worked on creating a collection intended for the sexy, free-spirited, beach muse. We wanted the line to be equal parts Amuse and Flynn Skye, with a simple color palette, strong stripes, feminine florals, flirty tops, and cheeky bottoms. We love how the collection turned out, and are blown away by the positive response from our customers!

Below are some pics taken during the making of the collection, along with an interview with Amber!

I hope you enjoy it all, xx Mandy

How did you first get started in the fashion industry? What made you want to start your own label?

I have been in the industry in many different forms. I had a store called Blonde, I have styled and then got asked by Planet blue to come up with a private label. That's how I got introduced to design. Never went to school and have zero formal training. If you saw my sketches you would fall over.

For those who don’t know you personally, I’d imagine most people think you are Flynn Skye. Mind sharing with us who Flynn Skye is, and how it came to be your brand name?

Flynn is my daughter. She is my little muse and pretty much on of my all time favorite people. If I had the confidence she did, I would rule the world.

Rumor has it that this is your first collaboration. What attracted you to collaborating with Amuse Society?

I just loved the idea of getting to be involved in swim. The good part of a collab is you get to make something with someone who has expertise in that field. Amuse is also a brand that makes sense..

When designing this collection, who was the girl you were envisioning? Describe her to us.

I am always envisioning something for everyone. At this point everything has been done so my hopes is just to make something that I am proud of and that speaks to my customer. Oh and that sparks joy.

Photographer Cameron Hammond (and his lovely wife/producer, Rachel) took this collection to Belize to shoot the lookbook. Where is your favorite swimwear-clad destination?

I want to go to that beach that has pink sand. I have zero idea where that is but I know it exists from photos. Looks magical.

What is your favorite piece from the AMUSE x Flynn Skye collaboration?

I love it all. I am so happy with how it came out. Each piece represents a different mood. Am I feeling sporty or girly...I like it all ha ha

What’s next for you and your brand? Any fun plans this summer?

My life is pretty fun. I am excited about the summer collection. It was a really strong collection. As far as plans go I just want to try and give back more and definitely throw some travel in there. Def throw some of those bikinis in a bag and go...

Shop the entire Amuse x Flynn Skye collection, here.

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