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Southern California is known for it's glitz, glamour and grit of LA, but also offers a wide range of amazing beaches up and down the coast. The active culture and colorful lifestyle of SoCal are what draw people in, the beaches keep them here. We might be slightly biased, but this part of the country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While the North has it's majestic ocean views and beautiful thick forests, Southern California offers a warmth, vibe and lifestyle that cannot be matched. Let’s start from the top:


El Matador is the northern most beach we feel needs to be highlighted. Located in Northern Malibu, it's green mossy rocks and beautiful sandstone are what put this place on the map for photos and epic sights. There are several beautiful rock formations and caves to explore, as well as the occasional tide pool. The clear blue water juxtaposes the cliffs that meet the sand, making El Matador a serene escape. This beach holds a special place in our hearts as it was the location for our first ever Amuse campaign in Spring of 2014!

First Point / Surfrider Beach is known for one of the best waves in Southern California. Surfers, ranging from beginners to locals that have surfed this wave for years, come from all around to take part in the action. Conveniently nestled beside the Malibu pier and the Santa Monica mountains, a weekend at First Point is a must.


Laguna is known for it’s gorgeous beaches that you MUST see for yourself. Thousand Steps, Victoria beach, West St. Beach, and Table Rock are just a few of our favorites. Turquoise water, succulent covered cliffs, tide pools, and caves are a few of the things you’ll enjoy when visiting Laguna beaches. This beautiful, quaint town sits sweet and snug on the hilly coast of Orange County; with houses big and small, and colorful restaurants and shops that line the ocean, Laguna is a great place to spend a day.


San Diego a gem in Southern California; it's a big city that actually feels more like a small beach town. So much character, so many beautiful spots, and lots of tacos. Sunset Cliffs is a quiet, natural park located in Southern SD. It’s an awesome place to see some the beautiful ocean line and relax. Moving North to La Jolla, the beaches are a bit more touristy…but rightfully so; it’s coves, tall palm trees, insane views, and clear water are paradise for surfers, divers, paddleboarders, and sightseers alike. All the way up the coast through, Del Mar, Encinitas, you can’t go wrong with these beaches. Check out Blacks Beach where we shot our Fall 2015 campaign along the amazing cliffs sitting high above the surf.

Photography by Stefanie Vinsel

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